Study Groups

TRI is currently providing Study Groups in the Austin area. In order to maintain an intimate learning atmosphere, groups will be limited to only 8 health care professionals. Study Groups meet four times a year for three hours at a time. These exclusive study groups provide a forum to discuss complex cases, EMDR and other therapeutic practices, recent papers, books in the field, legislative road blocks, and any other concerns the members might have. Continuing Education credits are offered for participants in the TRI Study Groups.

If you are interested in joining a Study Group, contact TRI at:

Trauma Model Therapy Certification

Certification in Trauma Model Therapy is encouraged and provided by Dr. Ross. Trauma Model Therapy Certification is intended for all healthcare professionals, including, but not limited to: Ph.D., LPC, LCSW, MSW, LMFT, CADAC, MD and allied professionals in the fields of behavioral and mental health.

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Trauma Education Essentials

Trauma Education Essentials is owned by Colin A. Ross, M.D. and his daughter, Dana Ross, M.D., who is a psychiatrist in Toronto.

Trauma Education Essentials offers online educational trainings that feature international experts in the field of trauma and cover a diverse array of clinically relevant topics delivered in a dynamic and online format. These trainings are rooted within a trauma-informed approach that relies on principles of safety, choice, collaboration, inclusivity, and empowerment.

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TRI also gladly organizes in-person workshops and trainings for therapists and mental health professionals. If you are interested in having TRI provide Trauma Focused trainings, you can contact us at:

(737) 228-0538

Date Location Contact
September 26, 2020 Opening Address - EMDRIA Conference 2020 Changing Lives
Arlington, Virginia
Gayla Turner
(972) 918-9588

Trauma Therapy Treatment Books

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